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Shana's Place Assisted Living Residence



204 Vale Street

Palmer Lake Colorado 80133

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Sun and activity room updated


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Sun and activity room updated
Sun and activity room updated

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Real One on One Care in a Real Home Environment.

We make living in an assisted living residence your home just as much as it is my home!


I'm Shana Ball and I am the owner/operator of Shana's Place Assisted Living for elderly residents.  I have cared for my elderly grandmother for many years while working in the nursing field which I have done for over 25 years. 


I have also worked in fire/EMS field for over 10 years.  I started offering elderly care for geriatric ladies residing in my home as a means to work from home. 


I turned my extra space into a loving, cozy environment in which elderly woman can live in a safe, caring and supervised home with 24/7 assistance and care.

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My daughter Destiny is a Colorado registered QMAP and has worked with developmentally disabled adults and geriatric residents for over 5 years. 


She works 3 days a week here at Shana's Place giving assistance with all aspects of activities of daily living and personal care.

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We're a family of caregivers giving care in an assisted livng home for elderly ladies who become a part of our family too!

My Daughter Kelly is CNA who works with elderly adults in a skilled nursing home and hospital.  She also works at Shana's Place on a part time bases.


  • Activities of Daily Living

  • Daily and Weekly Activities


  • Religious Needs

  • Entertainment

  • Hairdresser 

  • Meals, Laundry and Cleaning Services

  • Medication Administration

  • Safety Monitoring for Fall Prevention

  • Work with outside Practitioner

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"My mother needed more hands-on than I could provide so I placed her Shana's care at Shana's Place Assisted Living.  She enjoys her time there and it really feels like her own home.  I especially appreciate the one on one care!"

-Suzie Gordon


Activities of Daily Living

Daily and Weekly Activities

Going to social outings with other seniors, shopping, and exercise programs designed specifically for each residents needs including range of motion.

Continuous support with daily routines, socialization and self independance.

Religious Needs

Insuring each residents beliefs are respected and accommodations are made to continue religious practices.


Offering xfinity cable and internet services, puzzles, games and social gatherings.


A comatologist comes twice a month or by appointment for all manner of beauty requests.

Meals *  Laundry *  Cleaning Service

Providing nutrisious meals and snacks based on each residents specified diet.  On site laundry capibility by staff or with assitance.  Cleaning provided by staff.

Medication Administration

Colorado state certified QMAPS and QMAP-CNA's with continued education keeping up with state regulations and standards for approved medication administration for residents. 

Practitioner Support

Working closely with out-side practitioners for continuety of care already estabilished with residents.

Live-In Assistance * 24 Hour Surveillance

I live here too!  There is ALWAYS someone here for assistance.  We are in constant interaction with the residents during daytime hours.  However there is also video surveillance in the main dining and living areas while meals are being prepared as well as during the night.  Each resident bedroom has a voice moniter that allows us to hear when residents get up during the night and need assistance. 



Smaller Tree of life 2.jpg

Shana's Place Assisted Living Residence

204 Vale Street

Palmer Lake Colorado 80133

Tel: (719)418-5097


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